Let us help you manage these situations.  We work with individuals, businesses
and professionals and even kids build their Image Muscle.

We help our clients transform the way people perceive and respond to them through their  Image:  the way they Look, Walk and Talk [our Appearance (Grooming), Behaviour (Body Language) and Communication].

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workshops and training on:
"I have nothing to wear!" 
(but your closet is full!).

"Why did he get the promotion?"
(while you're the  deserving one).

"I want my kids to grow up and be confident, well-mannered and successful adults."
STAND out from the crowd
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Certified Image Consultant

In collaboration with First Impressions, UK & Singapore, we are conducting Image Consultancy & Etiquette Certification Programme in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Find out more.
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It's time to WIN - Upgrade your Personal Image
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We are only human - whether we like it or not, most of us tend to judge a book by its cover.

When we consider a product or a service, we are heavily influenced by its carefully crafted packaging. Packaging provides visual brand aesthetics and creates an immediate (positive or negative) first impress
ion to buyers - all within 10 seconds.

Why not use this to our advantage? Those who focus on their strong visual aesthetics and careful 'image packaging' will successfully project a positive brand and professional image to the people they meet.

People whom you meet make quick decisions about you. Should they hire you? Buy something from you? Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Do you have status and authority? Are you trustworthy, competent, and confident? Are you successful, hardworking, and intelligent?

Does your appearance, behavior and the way you communicate convey a positive and professional image? You have 10 seconds.

Let us help you create a positive personal branding, to ‘package’ your image and make that 10 seconds work for you!

The way you Look, Walk and Talk is vital in your personal and professional success in life.  Find out more on how you can leverage on your Personal Image to WIN!
Personal Branding - It's all in the 'PACKAGING'
How could you get noticed, in order to get promotion?  How could you win that prospective client over your competitors?  Or how can you attract the attention of the man (or woman) you fancy? 

Now it's time to recognise the importance of the image that  we present To others and start making necessary improvements so that we can leverage on it - to WIN!

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Your personal image includes the way you Look, Walk and Talk.  It's not only about your dress sense
and etiquette, but also how you behave and communicate.

Emergenetics helps us understand our Thinking and Behavioral Attributes.  The better we understand this, the better we can adapt our behavioral and communication style to effectively and efficiently deal with customers, colleagues and the people around us.

Emergenetics is an essential tool for HR management and it can be incorporated as part of your next team-building programme.  
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NEW!  Emergenetics Discovery Workshop


Imagexchange Personal Branding Emergenetics Certified Image Consultant

Personal Branding - It's all in the 'packaging'

NEW!  Emergenetics Discovery Workshop 

Join Us!  Be a Certified Image Consultant  more

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