Open the doors of opportunities with your Personal Image and Branding

In today's increasingly global arena, technical knowledge alone is not enough to ensure success.  Given a choice between two equally-talented marketing professionals or candidates for employment, corporations will choose to do business with the professional or to employ the candidate with greater interpersonal and social skill, respectively.

As our world becomes a smaller place and our economy becomes a global scope, it is increasingly important how we competently connect with people in the business community, how well-exposed we are to the various business cultures and how positively others perceive us.  Our success depends on the social and business networks that we create and how we present ourselves through our personal branding.  When competition is keen, we must develop a personal brand that makes us unique and stand out in the crowd.

Join us at our workshops and seminars on Personal Branding and Corporate Image Management (for individuals as well as businesses and corporations).  These workshops and seminars aim at helping participants gain confidence to develop strong business and social presence - as this can help build rapport and trust with their business associates, clients and social contacts. 

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Module 1:  
Building A Personal Brand Identity

Part 1a
. Why image matters
. Creating Impact on the First Impressions:
   -The Look, Walk and Talk
   -The ABC must-haves

. How to  maintain a positive image:
   -Top 10 image destroyers for men
   -Top 10 image destroyers for ladies

. Colour psychology and characteristics : The   
  effects, coordination and harmony
. Understanding warm and cool wardrobe colour
. Save Time and Money!  Knowing your Wardrobe
  Personality can help you do that.

Part 1b
. Pointers to create your own Personal Branding
  and Style
. Business Dress Sense and Grooming
. Wardrobe Rules (jacket fittings, trousers/skirt
  lengths, necklines and sleeve lengths)
. Decoding Dress codes
. Wardrobe Management - Start your own wardrobe

Module 3 : 
Dining Etiquette & Professional Conduct

Part 3a:  Business & Social Dining Etiquette
. Introduction to tableware & cutlery
. Table settings  - Western & Asian
. Modern table manners
. Dining Conversations
. Managing Dining Mishaps  - burps, slurps and
. Tipping Guidelines

Part 3b:  Be a Professional
. Magnificent Seven
   -The seven attributes of a professional person.

. Dirty Dozen
   -The 12 phrases to avoid at the workplace
Module 2: 
Social & Business Image and
Poise & Etiquette

Part 2a:
. Creating Positive First Impressions:
   -The Look, Walk and Talk
   -The ABC must-haves

. How to maintain a positive image:
   -Top 10 image destroyers for men
   -Top 10 image destroyers for ladies

. Deportment:
   -Visual Poise and Posture
   -The way you stand, sit and walk tells about your a
   attitude, your professionalism and your value
   -Proper way to stand, sit and walk
. How to enter a room with poise
. How to pick up objects from the floor
. How to get in/out of cars
. How to go up/down stairs

Part 2b:
. Social & Business Etiquette:
. Greetings and introduction
. Proper address of VIPs and superiors
. Exchanging business cards
. Networking etiquette
. Mind the Ps & Qs
. Cocktail Etiquette

Module 4:  
Body Language & Voice Confidence

Part 4a:
. Body Language:  The Universal Language, The Unspoken
. Non-verbal Communication: The Language of…
. Positioning and Barriers:  Hands, Arms and Legs
. Point of Connection:  Face & Eyes
. What’s in a handshake

Part 4b:
. Understanding Personal Bubble & Spatial Cues
. Cross-cultural Gestures and Actions
. Matching and Mirroring
. Battle of the Sexes
. Verbal Communication:  Vocal confidence
   - Tone
   - Pitch
   - Volume

Professional workshops can be held in-house or at an external training facility.

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