Beautiful MUMS
Getting Back In Style

- This 3-hour workshop is specially designed for the new mums. 

- After the joys of having a baby, they want to get back in shape and in style - and be a confident, fabulous-looking mum.

- The topics covered will be similar to the Perfect You! - Workshop, such as Colour, Figure and Face shape analysis and Personality   Wardrobe.

- Participants will also learn about the basics of getting back in shape and selecting suitable styles from post-to-pre-natal figure, to hide figure flaws and how to flatter their silhouette.

If you have other topics on image and etiquette in mind, feel free to let us knowOne-to-one training session is also available.

To be advised upon enquiry  (A  minimum of 15 pax will be required to commence a session). 

The Heritage Place (Bugis)

FEE:  $138 per person

PAYMENT:  To be made in advance to confirm your reservation.


For public workshops, a minimum of 15 pax will be required to to commence a session.  Professional workshops can be held in-house or at an external training facility.  Just call us at 65666430 or email us for a detailed proposal.

For public workshop bookings, please email to:

For confirmation, include your contact:
- Email address & Mobile No.
- No. of participants & Name(s)

NOTE:  Please refer to Bookings & Payment details.  No refunds will be made for non-attendance or cancellation made within 2 weeks before event date.  However, a 50% refund will be made for any cancellation 2 weeks before event date.

Are you a H, A, T, V or X figure?  Are you apple-shaped or pear-shaped?
Discover your wardrobe personality and learn to create a style to call your own.
* Colours -  how to harmonise colours and wear colours that flatter you.
Individual analysis of face shapes and glasses & hairstyles to complement your  face
* Personalised analysis of body shapes and figure flaws.
Perfect YOU!
Colour, Image & Style Workshop
“Even before we speak, we are condemned or approved."  ~ Dale Carnegie 

At this 3-hr session, you will learn how to create your own Personal Branding by wearing your best colours,  minimising your figure flaws by understanding your body shape, managing your wardrobe, creating a style to call your own and  never  having to say  you’ve got nothing to wear again!
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