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Wanna Look Good? Don’t Worry, Eat Happy (Part-3)

Top 6 foods that can help you look good and feel great : Part-3 In order to improve our personal image and to look good, we have to improve the way we feel about ourselves.  Therefore, it is crucial that we try to find ways to feel good and be happy. Let’s do a quick Read more about Wanna Look Good? Don’t Worry, Eat Happy (Part-3)[…]

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Body Language – What is my body saying?

BODY LANGUAGE Body Language is a universal language, more than 50% of what others “receive” from our communication is through the visual, non-verbal message that we send out. Remember the old “silent” movies? There was no audio or sound, yet people can still understand and enjoy the story. Like any product or service, WE, too, Read more about Body Language – What is my body saying?[…]


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