4 Ways to be Happy! [Infographics]

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This is the infographic based on our earlier article: 4 Ways to Spark Joy in your life.

Some things in life ARE really free – like Happiness – it’s there and we just need to embrace it.

We all can bring joy (back) into our lives, and the lives of the people around us.  For some, happiness seems like a distance away after living through a traumatic experience, losing a loved one… or even feeling bored and unhappy on a daily basis due to work or relationship.

Life is about making choices and the truth is, we ARE free to choose however we want to feel every day.  So, take the first step today and Spark Joy into your life and enjoy every second of it.  And you can also help to enjoy the same, too.

Here are the four simple ways to happiness.

I believe I can fly…. It’s time to dream.  Treat yourself to a little bit of ‘me’ time – just to dream and imagine about the wonderful things that you wished for, hoped for or even recalling things, places, people, experiences that you’ve touched, felt, seen, smelled and tasted before.  The ones that brought a smile to your face.

“No time,” you said? – that is simply denying yourself of happiness because you DO have the time: when you are on the train, commuting back and forth from work, waiting in line for something, having a shower, at lunch breaks, or as you close your eyes for the night’s slumber –  all you have to do is…just fly…

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Let yourself go.  It’s good to connect with people, but let’s take it up a notch.  The trick is to connect with right people who experience joy themselves. It’s a simple law of attraction.  Surrounding yourself with other joy seekers will pull joy into your own life.

Pay it forward.  Do something good, something nice or give a helping hand to someone else.  Why do people do volunteer work?  They are not just helping others, but also to help themselves feel a sense of purpose and bringing pleasure to other people and witnessing their joy has wonderful boomerang effect on us.

ImageXchange NLP & Coaching Training ProgrammesNo more limiting beliefs. Banish those negative, limiting beliefs.  Be the kind of person who sees the glass half full, rather than half empty.  Stop yourself from reliving bad memories, telling yourself “I can’t do this” or seeing all ‘cons’ in everything – but instead, focus on all the ‘pros’.  At the end of the day, only you and you alone are responsible for bringing joy into your life. Don’t create a dark, gloomy world for yourself because no one can else take you out of it.

Make your choice today and change how you feel, and it will change your life.  So, have you decided how you want to feel today?

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