6 Grooming Tips to Impress Your Hot Date

Imagexchange 6 Grooming Tips to Impress your Hot Date Men's Grooming ImageBefore you go on a hot date, bear in mind these six important grooming tips:

1. Keep it fresh

Most girls find that bad breath is a deal breaker. While we can blame it on the food we take, it is important to practice good oral hygiene with proper brushing and daily flossing. A good mouthwash will come in handy to keep your breath super fresh.

2. Erm… what’s that hair sticking out?

Women’s attitude towards men’s moustache and beard has changed massively over recent years. While women have warmed up towards men’s facial hairs as a style statement, those hairs coming out of noses or ears will most likely trigger an irk-y feeling for most women – and could be a real turn off for your date.  To make sure facial hairs don’t come between you and your date, make sure that you groom and trim them regularly.

3. Make your lips kissable

Studies have shown that women find plump, full lips attractive. So, keep a lip balm handy especially for those who are prone to dry, dehydrated and chapping lips.

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4. Avoid shiny, oily skin

Since men’s skin can be up to twice as oily as women’s, there is a chance that you will have that shiny (and oily-looking) areas on your face. One way is to keep your skin clean and refreshed would be to apply toner on your skin – and make it a habit to blot sweat off your skin with tissues or facial blotters.

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5. Take cover!

Sudden spots on your face may hit your confidence for the date night you have been waiting for.  Simply apply a light layer of acne treatment concealer – to treat while concealing that nasty zit.

6. Be prepared, be ready

Heading for a date after a long day’s work? Sudden urgent work-related issues cropped up? Sounds familiar to you?  Keep a basic toiletries bag in your office for that last minute, quick freshening-up before you make your way to meet your date.

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This article was written by guest writer, Stephen Lim – an associate consultant with ImageXchange.