23rd October 2018

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Boost Career Success with ImageXchange - Learn how to look good, feel good and happy through Personal Image and Business Image Workshops. Get tips on Style, Dress Code, Grooming, Social Business Dining Etiquette, Communication, Body Language, Networking, Charisma and Soft Skills. Join our Image Consultant, Coaching and NLP Training, ICF Certification course for a New Career.Business Image Training for Staff

A successful company knows that the employees ARE their ambassadors.  The way the staff dress, present and carry themselves will create an immediate and lasting impressions on every client and prospect they meet. Therefore, the right and appropriate personal image in the workplace is important in order to have good communication and interaction amongst colleagues and with customers.

When an employee makes a positive and confident first impression, customers will certainly give the same positive response.  They will feel positive and confident towards the company and the services or products that it provides, and this will translate to increased business growth and success.

For corporate consultation and training, ImageXchange encourage staff members to take pride in their own personal branding.  We will help them build the confidence and professionalism to project the right corporate identity for the company.

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss and recommend the best and appropriate training programme to suit your company’s image, direction and objectives.

ImageXchange Business Image Training to boost Staff Confidence and Performance.  Create a Happy work environment, improve communication and effectiveness of your Work Team to Increase Business BrandOUR PROGRAMMES CAN BE CUSTOMISED FOR:

  • Lunch & Learn Talks
  • Half-day or Full-day Workshops.

Examples of our topics include: 

  • Dress for Success:  Business Image, Grooming & Style
  • Total Business Image: For PMETs & Entrepreneurs
  • Poise & Confidence, Social & Business Etiquette
  • Business Communication
  • Body Language & Networking Skills
  • Communication Through Personal Image: Confidence
    through Poise and Posture, Body Language and Business
  • Business Etiquette & Cross-Cultural Differences:
  • Mind your Manners while talking Business
  • Social Dining Etiquette
  • Personal Branding and more…

Contact us for full details on Workshop Objective, Course Outline and pricing.


Body Language and Networking Skills

Being well-groomed and well-dressed alone does not complete a positive personal image. We need to know how to carry and conduct ourselves with confidence and poise by the way we sit, stand and walk – and not forgetting, minding the body language that we project to others.

Communicate and leverage through your body language to influence the way others respond to you. There will be a segment on networking skills – because we all know that the best business comes from referrals that you gain through your business network.


Professional Conduct & Communication through Body Language and Voice Confidence

How you present yourself, the words you use (spoken and unspoken) as well as how you speak those words can affect how others perceive and respond to you.

Communication is a powerful thing – you say more with those unspoken words you say through your body movements than those you utter.

Have you noticed how some people simply have the natural ‘knack’ and ‘ability’ to be charming and popular?  This is not necessarily a gift – but like a good behaviour and habit, it can be nurtured.  Learn how to improve the way you conduct yourself – to influence and improve the response you get from the people you work and associate with.

Improve communication body language and Boost Career Success with ImageXchange - How to improve your Personal Image and Business Image through workshops, courses and training including NLP, Coaching Training and ICF Certification for men women business and staffDRESS FOR SUCCESS – Business Image, Grooming & Style (half-day)
Total Business Image:   For PMETs & Entrepreneurs (full-day)

Studies show that those who groom and dress well – DO look more attractive than those who don’t.  They  will get more attention, get hired faster, get better pay, get more clients, close more deals, get that promotion, and more.

For businesses, when their employees are well-groomed and project positive first impressions, they will project professionalism, credibility and reliability – and these are the qualities that customers look for and appreciate.


Get Set for Success – Open the Doors of Opportunities

In today’s increasingly global arena, technical knowledge alone is not enough to ensure success.  Given a choice between two equally-talented marketing professionals or candidates for employment, corporations will choose to do business with the professional or to employ the candidate with greater interpersonal and social skill, respectively.

Our success depends on the social and business networks that we create and how we present ourselves through our personal branding.  When competition is keen, we must develop a personal brand that makes us unique and stand out in the crowd.

Join us at our workshops and seminars on Personal Branding and Corporate Image Management (for individuals and businesses).  These workshops and seminars aim at helping participants gain confidence to develop strong business and social presence – as this can help build rapport and trust with their business associates, clients and social contacts.


Professional workshops can be held in-house or at an external training facility. Just call us at 65666430 or contact us us to request for a programme proposal.

For public workshops, a minimum of 15 pax will be required to to commence a session. 
One-to-one training session is also available.


To be made in advance to confirm your reservation. Payment can be made via PayLah, Bank Transfer or crossed cheque payment:

(1)   ATM transfer to DBS Bank Account No. 

(2)   Internet Banking to DBS Bank:

Account Name: Bank Code: Branch Code: Account No. 

Full banking details will be provided to confirmed customers.  Kindly inform us when a bank transfer has been made so that we can confirm receipt as soon as possible.

(3)  Cheque, crossed and made payable to: ImageXchange International.  (Kindly mail cheque directly to trainer, we will inform of mailing address)