23rd October 2018

Teens & Kids


Fun Social Graces & Etiquette
Workshop for kids  (9-14 years old)

Kids need every help – we can give that! Do others see your children in the same way as you do? Equip them the skills to shine. Give our children a head start, a chance to learn and keep good habits, etiquette and social graces.

At this fun and interactive workshop, with plenty of role-playing and individual practice, they will learn how to carry themselves well in social situation with confidence and grace.

Fees: $48 per child

ImageXchange Kids Teens Image Grooming Dining EtiquetteKIDS DINING ETIQUETTE WITH LUNCH

Fun Workshop for Kids  (9-14 years old)

When children are polite, with good manners and social graces, they make their parents proud and look good – but most importantly, well-mannered kids and teens are generally more popular and welcomed wherever they go.

This is a fun and interactive workshop (for 9-14 yrs olds) with ‘live’ demonstration and practice.  After the lesson, the kids will enjoy a delicious 3-course Western set lunch and practice what they have learnt.

  • Knowing the cutlery and tableware, how to properly hold and use them
  • Proper table setting – continental & formal occasion
  • Table and buffet manners
  • Dos and don’ts at the dining table (when to begin the meal, excusing oneself from the table, slurps, burps and spills)
  • Hands on demonstration and practice on proper way to drink soup, eat spaghetti and vegetables
  • How to de-shell prawns without using our fingers in three surgical strokes.

Fees: $78 per child


We are planning public workshops for kids during the upcoming school holidays.  Contact Us if you have any queries.

To register your interest, please include the following information in Contact Us form:

Child’s Name, Gender and Age
Parent’s Name, Hp and Email contacts


Date/Time:/Venue To be confirmed (during school holidays). Minimum 10 participants needed to start a class

PAYMENT:  To be made in advance to confirm your reservation.

NOTE:  No refunds will be made for non-attendance or cancellation made within 2 weeks before event date.  However, a 50% refund will be made for any cancellation 2 weeks before event date.

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