PERSONAL IMAGE: Small Change, Big Impact

Personal Image - Avoid Image Killer - ladies jacket shortAVOID IMAGE KILLERS

Each of us has our own unique image – hence, our Personal Image. Whether at work or at play, people will judge us like a book, and our personal image speaks to them in just about 30 seconds.

Our image comprises of three components: The way we Look, Walk and Talk; and a major part of how our image communicate with others is through our physical appearance.

In this article, let us explore four simple tips that can help us change (or improve) our image through our appearance:


Personal Image - Avoid Image Killers such as greasy dandruff scalpFor ladies who are comfortable under their own skin and are not bothered about putting on any make-up, it would be wise to consider keeping your skin clean and well-moisturised. Those holding a higher position should consider applying some light make-up as it helps to project a more appropriate image for someone in a position of authority. Remember, keep the heavy make-up and wild colours for the evenings.

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Hair Care

For men and women, hair care (lack of it) takes the top spot (as it takes the same spot on our body) in sabotaging our personal image. At work, hairstyle should be kept simple, neat and tidy. Ladies, just leave that big, voluminous hairdo for a sexy night out.

Avoid creased shirts

Well-iron shirt : Nothing projects ‘sloppiness’ than an unironed or badly-creased shirt. Gentlemen, if you loathe ironing your work shirts, make sure you shop for some new ones (that of non-crease fabric).

Personal hygiene

It goes without saying that we have to maintain good personal hygiene. Bad breath and body odour are two nasty brothers of image killers.

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Look your best over 50 - Personal Image ConsultantBy Kitty Sani Barrett, principal consultant & trainer at ImageXchange. Kit believes that taking care of our personal image can help us look our best, long after we’ve passed 50!