Start your own Image Consultancy business – Work from Home

ImageXchange - Start your own Image Consultancy business – Work from HomeBe an Image Consultant and have the Freedom to work from home

If you have been looking for extra home-based freelance and part-time work, or perhaps you have been thinking about starting your own business, then read on….

When you start your online search, you’d discover that one of the many suggested ideas that you could do is to provide Image Consulting services.

Since most of us want to look good and feel good about ourselves – why not learn how to do that and help others as well?

Do you want to be an Image Consultant?

If you have the interest to learn and helping others to look and feel their best, then being an image consultant is definitely something you can explore.ImageXchange What Image Consultant Do - Start your own Image Consultancy business – Work from Home

With the right mindset, training and guidance, anyone can be an image consultant.  Age doesn’t matter; remember – it’s not about good looks but how we can look good.

Home-based Work and Business Opportunity

For stay-at-home mums, this is a perfect opportunity for you to do some work, conveniently from your home.  And if you are currently working full-time, then you can start offering image consulting services on a freelance or part-time basis.  For those who are ready to start a business, then don’t waste any time – get your training right away and start building it!

So, what does an Image Consultant do?

Image consultants evaluate a client’s overall appearance and determine how best to achieve a look that will reflect his/her best attributes – both personally and professionally.

They offer advice that can help their clients land a job, get a promotion, find someone to love, or just feel good about themselves.

ImageXchange What Image Consultant Do - Start your own Image Consultancy business – Work from Home
While most image consultants would specialise in specific areas, in general, they would ‘coach’ and advice clients in image enhancement and management.  This would include managing their  appearance, attitude, effective communication, social etiquette, branding and more.  So in short, an image consultant’s job is to help individuals make an impact on others through appearance and attitude.

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Many talented and successful image consultants were also inexperienced aspiring consultants at one point.  Everything that is new can be challenging yet exciting.  As long as you are keen in this line of work, then you will find that it can also be lucrative.

Who are my clients?

Potential clients include individuals setting out on a new career or planning to improve their wardrobe choices; business executives who want to project a successful image or to improve their social and business etiquette and more.

For those consultants who would like to specialise in offering group training, then the opportunities are abundant.  Companies of all sizes would benefit from training workshops or seminars for their staff on how to project professional image and to create positive first impression.  Even schools and institutions are looking for trainers to help students to prepare and be well-groomed for scholarships, internship and future work interviews.

How do I start?

ImageXchange - Professional Business Image - Business Woman

Get in touch with us,  ImageXchange International.  Not only do we offer Image Consultant Training but we also provide guidance and mentorship after the training is completed.  Our objective is to equip aspiring image consultants to have the knowledge, skills, confidence and the follow-up support they need to get started immediately.

Why choose ImageXchange?

  • Flexible schedule for small groups of 1 to 3 participants per session.  Full-days (10am-5pm) and half-days to suit both trainees and trainer’s schedule.
  • Affordable training fee with quick and simple course framework, cutting away frills and helping participants save on training tool costs.
  • Certification by ImageXchange International, Singapore.
  • New consultants can also offer freelance training as an Associate Consultant of ImageXchange.
  • Refresher training (if required, upon request and availability of trainer).


Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get started on this new, exciting journey.

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